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  1. AnnaSST

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    Dear Indonesian crypto society, my name is Anna. I'm a journalist from romanian magazine Stiinta Si Tehnica. I'm working on a special issue about crypto currency that will be launched in 2018 and I really need your help. Here is the survey that I ask you to fill (if you would like to share your opinion on crypto universe you are more than welcome to private messages, I really want to talk with you in a personal manner), we need this survey to compare different behavior probably rooted in a culture.

    1. Your age?
    2. What's your gender?
    3. For how long have you been dealing with crypto-currency?
    4. Do you mainly play on exchange, or invest in projects?
    5. Did you manage to increase the initial capital invested in crypto-currency?
    6. What do you love most about crypto-currencies?
    7. What do you not like about crypto-currencies?
    8. What Indonesian bitcoin projects you could highlight as promising?

    Many thanks for spending the time to complete my survey.
  2. syserro

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    Hi anna.

    1. 18 Years old.
    2. Male
    3. Aproximately 3 years
    4. I play on exchanges, altcoin trading and margin trading. Mainly playing on bittrex and bitmex.
    5. Yes i do.
    6. The idea that come from many entrepreneur there, there are many ways to implement blockchain and or smart-contract mainly to an upcoming future.
    7. This space is immature yet keep always growing, the community is great. However, with a lot of nouve-riche around the space it will harm themselves if they can't keeping up with the security of their accounts.
    8. I can't really point out, sorry. However, what we really need for Indonesian Civilian is an Education of Bitcoin and Blockchain, and i'm sure it'll be great for whatever will happens in the future.
  3. panjay

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    I think it's better if you used some survey form/site like google doc or something?

    Already pm you with the survey, good luck.
  4. Yoshua

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    Hey Anna!

    Sent you a reply ;)
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  5. AnnaSST

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    Thanks for advice, working on it at the moment)
  6. Mahesa69

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    Hi Anna, do you mind if i send my answers as personal messages?
  7. AnnaSST

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    Of course I don't mind!
  8. Mahesa69

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    Good luck in ur investigations, Godspeed
  9. AnnaSST

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    My magazine IT department came up with a nice survey on cryptocurrency.
    Please spend five minutes of your time and help me to collect the big data.
    And yes, I know about google docs, but unfortunately we are forbidden to use it, IT department boys need some bread and milk too)
    So, the survey is designed to collect and proceed data automatically, as a result I will receive infographic for an article.
    Auto mode is working only under windows office(

    So, if you don't have an office installed then you still can answer with an application:

    Thank you)

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