Crypto Floating Towers

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    Crypto Floating Towers

    How Does It Work?

    Floating towers is a fun game that anyone can play using MetaMask and Ethereum. When you buy a tower you become its owner. When this happens the tower grows taller and the price automatically increases by a certain percentage. When the next person buys the tower you are paid the new price (less fees), and so you make a profit. You can buy each tower as many times as you like.

    Starts at 3pm UTC on Saturday 17 March

    The game will start within a few minutes of this time. Be sure to add your email address so that we can send you a notification email before it begins. This time will give players from American and Asian time zones a chance to play at the same time.

    Prices only increase

    The price doubles every time someone buys the tower. Once the tower is worth more than 1 ETH it increases by 15%. This increase is hard coded into the ethereum smart contract.

    New towers appear

    When a tower stops growing because no one wants to buy it anymore, then a new tower appears with a starting price of 0.001 ETH. We expect there to be a period of inactivity before this happens. We'll judge this time period based on the number of players online at the time and the state of the network. It could be 30 mins if there are lots of people waiting for a new tower and ready to play. Or it could be a day if people are taking a break or all asleep! We'll want to be sure that there are no more trades being made and that everyone is ready for a new tower.
    This will be influenced by the state of the network, congestion, pending tx's, etc. The current tower remains tradeable until the new tower appears. Just know that we will use the information available to us and our own judgement to decide when it's time to start a new tower. We won't be able to take requests for this because there will be too many vested interests from players. When a new tower starts, the owner of the previous tower then receives a 1% dividend from all the trades of the new tower. They receive those dividends only for the new tower, and not all towers that come after it.

    Referrers earn a 1% dividend

    If you refer someone to this game you will earn a 1% dividend from every trade they make. All you need to do is give them your referral link and the rest is handled automatically. You will be paid immediately during each trade via the smart contract. Contact us in our through our page to get your referral link.

    Fees are automatically deducted

    A 4.9% fee is automatically deducted during each trade. Out of this fee the previous tower owner is paid their dividend, and any referral dividends are paid too. The remainder is used as the dev fee.

    You need MetaMask

    Please make sure you have MetaMask installed, working, and funded before the game begins. All purchases will be made through this wallet by default.

    Play Responsibly

    You may end up being the last owner of a tower if no one wants to buy it from you. If this happens then you may end up owning it forever. When you buy a tower the current owner is paid immediately. It is therefore impossible to reverse a transaction or provide a refund afterwards. Although you can profit from buying and selling towers, you can also make a loss, so only play with ETH you can afford to lose.

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    BitBullet Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
    To add some juice to the start we’ll be paying a 0.1 ETH bounty to the first 10 players to make successful trades in the game. We’ll do this shortly after they are made (you will not need to contact us for them). These will be made to the first 10 unique addresses we see with successful transactions in the game.

    Check the right time of the launch on Saturday 17 March:

    11pm in Beijing
    4pm Central Europe
    3pm UTC
    11am in New York
    8am in San Francisco

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