Bitcoin Cloud Mining Script - Get your own website for 0.05 BTC

Discussion in 'Cloud Mining' started by dante3556, Dec 14, 2016.


You want get a cloud mining script?

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  1. dante3556

    dante3556 Member Baru

    Bitcoin Address:
    With this script it is possible to place a clone site of Bitcoin mining .

    New special price 0.05

    Regularly the developer offers updates on your software and you will be entitled to use .
    (The file via Satochi Box you will find the instructions and developer contact)

    You can request the installation if you need help . The amount charged for the installation is 0.04BTC

    · - Basic PHP knowledge
    · - PHP 5.4 or higher
    · - MySQL
    · - Crontab

    · - Deposits automatic or manual
    · -Marketplace
    · Sale of GH \' s
    · Administrative panel
    · easily editable
    · -no errors
    · -Installation easy
    · Refferral Program

    Full Website



    - New price 0.05
  2. cambyman

    cambyman Reguler

    Bitcoin Address:
    so if we just only hosting a website and install the script into the hosting and get it online? how do the owner of the website mining the coin? it surely that if you want to mining cryptocurrency you should have a mining rig or cpu or something to do the mining thing. If it isn't then it must be a scam website, and i thought you put the thread here to increase the scammers.

    Kalau kita cuma beli, install script nya di hosting, terus bagaimana cara miningnya? bukankah nge mining kita harus punya hardware seperti mining rig, cpu atau gpu. Atau paling kecil dragon usb atau redfury usb. Supaya bisa menambang di coin pool. Kalau gak menambang tentu namanya bukan cloud mining. Ini cuma ngumpulin coin,refferal trus ngebalikin duitnya lewat coin yang dikumpulkan. Scam, skema ponzi detected. Secara tidak langsung mengajari member disini untuk cheating, dan menjadi scammers.

    Moga" dari keterangan ini para nubie di bitcoin tidak tertipu dengan kata" cloud mining.
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  3. SdsdSdsd

    SdsdSdsd Member Baru

    But where the script? Paid yesterday, and was completely not what was supposed to get, it was the script doubler Bitcoin, which is in the public for free!
    Please return the money or replace the goods, otherwise will have to abuse ...

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