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    "Red error? Your internet connection is too slow."

    A lot of new users questioning about Jingling lately, so i decided that i create this thread. And i know i'm awesome :sunglasses:

    Official Jingling Website:

    Official Jingling DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK:

    What is Jingling?
    It is a traffic exchange bot which runs in the background, probably the most widely used in the world due to its convenience. If you have no idea what i just mentioned, it visits other users' websites and in return they visit yours!

    If you still do not get it, here's a for you. Just take Jingling as a traffic generator.

    Pros of using Jingling

    Reliable, been up and running since 2008

    No registration required

    Improves ranking

    Unique international visitors

    Works on Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Win7, Win8

    TOTALLY virus free due to its SandBox security system


    Cons of using Jingling
    Majority of traffic comes from China (lesser traffic worth)
    Slows down your computer

    Detected by some Anti-Virus softwares

    Chinese language (for non-Chinese users)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: Is there an unlimited Jingling version?

    A: No, the bot allows only up to 6 links, depending on the processing power of your computer.

    Q: What type of computers get the most traffic?

    A: Computers with higher RAM will get more link slots. The faster your Internet connection, the more clicks you will get.

    Q: Is there a Pop-Under option?

    A: As of now, no.

    Any burning questions? Ask them below and I will try my best to answer them.


    When you install Jingling, the program should look like this.


    1. The maximum number of link slots that Jingling allows on your computer.

    2. Settings

    3. Add a link into Jingling



    1. Traffic sent to your link

    2. Link is gaining visitors

    3. Link is offline, not gaining visitors

    4. Link has failed traffic exchange, wait for bar to fully load to try again

    5. Pause traffic exchange

    6. Start traffic exchange

    7. Delete link from server

    8. location of clicks

    9. Settings for link



    Many of you might also find the status of your link to be like this and not receiving any hits, it means 'Preparing Link' so be patient :fuckthat:

    How to change referrer?


    1. Insert referrer (must start with )

    2. Add link (Press this before clicking 'Confirm')

    3. Confirm

    4. Cancel

    That's all for now, I will update this post frequently . Have a good day everyone!
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    maksudnya apaan nih gan????
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    saya juga gak ngerti masbro
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    Download it here: English version:

    Features of Jingling:

    • Forever free,No registration.
    • No setup,Single file.
    • Free&Full Support Service.
    • Mutual visit for traffic in different region
    • Visit with browser under rule control
    • Flexible use for different requirement
    • Choose different countries in the region settings;
    • Server time based on Eastern Time U.S;
    • English version of Traffic Spirit released;
    • Filter sound,Block pop-ups;
    • Block trojan virus,Stop bad script;
    • Professional team,Continual upgrade
    Enjoy Unlimited Traffic to Your Site
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    itu autosurf, saling kunjungi situs.
    dengan cara itu bisa dapat ribuan pengunjung perhari lol
    cocok buat iklan yg bayar per piew
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