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free bitcoins with just an script

  1. nice script

  2. CTRL+ALT+I doesnt work

  3. .

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  1. muppy010401

    muppy010401 Member Baru

    Bitcoin Address:
    Hi, my name is Dan liron I am an programmer that want's to earn money online. so i got really into the cryptocurrenty BITCOIN, I made somehing that change the way you look up against it! you can earn money by mining but it cost a lot of investment. so i saw some gambling bots but they were slow and old i decieded i make a new fresh one! it will gamble on 3 different sites 999dice primedice and freebitco.in. you dont even have to install it!!! just an script for chrome paste it and youre good to go!!

    i will tell how to use it now in steps :)

    1.open this link and download the .pdf file:

    2.open the pdf and copy the script

    3.then click CTRL+ALT+I to open the console in chrome

    4.do your btc adress in the script at the top where it says WALLET

    5.deposit around 0.00001 BTC on each of the sites (999dice primedice and freebitco.in)

    6.click on the green play button and it goes to the sites and it will start doing his thing!

    just let it run for a couple of hours and youre ritch the script+chrome wil use a maximim of 50 MB of your RAM so its lightweight too! there will be an video about it on youtube im working on it now! but its easy fast and safe and after all who doesn't want to have 20 dollars a day :smile: REGARDS $$muppy010401$$

    your buisness man :)

    sorry for the bad english im from sweden so i have a bit struggle but i hope you understand! if you dont understand anything say it in the Comments i will reply in about a day or less!
  2. dolop

    dolop Sudah Senior

    Bitcoin Address:
    wah thanks for information guys, very-very good idea :smile:
  3. CutAny

    CutAny Member Baru

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    Wahhh... ada scrip baru.... tapi script juga blum tentu menang terus kadang juga bisa kalah...wwkwkwkwk
  4. Laurensius Hayogta

    Laurensius Hayogta Reguler

    Bitcoin Address:
    iya kalo mau menang terus kasian lah gan hehehe :smile: disyukuri aja :smile:
  5. herry tephe

    herry tephe Reguler

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    hehehe.. system dari freebitcoin biasanya sudah di siapkan untuk menangkal smua metode,, awalnya menang terus tapi semakin lama kemungkiinan ZONK semakin besar..
  6. martunis

    martunis Reguler

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    keberuntungan lah yang akan menyertai supaya bisa win selamanya hehe
  7. Laurensius Hayogta

    Laurensius Hayogta Reguler

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    hahaha saya rasa win selamanya terlalu berlebihan gan, lebih tepatnya winnya sering :smile:
  8. lacrymosa15

    lacrymosa15 Member Baru

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    wah ini beneran gak nih, udah pada coba srciptnya? ane pakai autobot di primedice udah menang karena tamak jadi loss, habis dah. nasib
  9. satrya

    satrya Reguler

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    udah ada yg coba scriptnya?

    ane takut pasang2 script beginian, ilang doge coin agra2 script gini

    ni yg punya thread bule gt?

    apa gmn?

    kl bule kok tau forum ini?
    englishnya aja bad,,,apalagi indonya...

    jadi ente dari sweden ato gmn nih?
  10. kurniawanisme

    kurniawanisme Sudah Senior

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    Pernah juga gini
    Zonk banget gw pernah dulu

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