[WTS] Virtual Credit Cards | Amazon Prime VCC | PayPal verification [AUTOBUY]

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  1. mikola

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      • Get VCCs automatically from my automatic shop: ​

        Russia VCC: Expiry date of up to 6 months
        $0 (Empty) VCC (/) — $0.25
        $1 VCC (/) — $2.99

        USA VCC: Expiry date ranges from 3 to 7 years

        UK VCC: Expiry date of up to 3 years

        Custom balance UK VCC: $1 creation fee; 5% + $4 load fee; 5% + $4 withdrawal fee: contact me via Skype


        Skype: minecraftaccs

        Payment methods: Bitcoin, Webmoney, PayPal, BTC-e
        • Where can I use VCCs?

        To make payments online where the cards are accepted! You may also use them to sign up for trials and/or accounts on websites that require cards.
        • How long do the VCCs last?

        Until they expire. I do not "delete" any VCCs.
        • Can I get a discount?

        If you buy in bulk, yes. Contact me.
        • Are your virtual credit cards stolen? Can you hook me up with some hacked ccs?

        No. My VCCs are legit.
        • Can I test your service (aka can you gib me free vcc pls)?

        No. I do not offer free "tests".
        • If needed, you may request the following for your VCC:
      • Remaining balance and/or statement.
      • 3-D Secure code.
      • No refunds, no replacements. No matter what. This includes:
    • Website declined the VCC. Use it for something else.
    • Website charged $1 for preauth and you ended up being $1 short of your purchase. To avoid this, buy a VCC that has $1 more than the total amount of your purchase, unless you're 100% sure that the website doesn't charge a $1 preauth.
    • Your trial/account got suspended.
    • You want to refund the remaining balance of the VCC.
    • I am responsible only for providing you with a valid VCC with the correct balance.
    • I have no idea if it will work for your website or not. If you are concerned, I suggest contacting the website first. If you contact me the most likely answer you'll get is "I don't know".
    • By buying VCCs from me you confirm that you have basic knowledge of how credit, debit, prepaid and virtual cards work, as well as the anti-fraud system that may be used on the website you're going to try to use the VCC on.
  2. Nuzzo Samson

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    What is the difference between yours and these peoples:

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